The Body Alphabet

FOR THE SUNG AND SPOKEN VOICE by Jorge Parente, Portugal

For actors, singers, dancers, musicians and for everyone who desires to sing. Explore the unknown. Discover your own vocal identity through experimentation with the body and voice.

The workshop is based on “The Body Alphabet”, physical and vocal actions developed by Zygmunt Molik (1930-2010) who was, since the beginning, a core member of Jerzy Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre in Wroclaw (Poland). Molik was one of the principal actors of the company for 25 years during which he also took the role as the leading instructor of the vocal training. His method is recognised to have had a radical and transformative impact on the vocal training of actors and on theatre practices all over the world.

Jorge Parente has closely worked with Molik, being his assistant and disciple for over a decade and his – in Molik’s word – successor. Parente is a Paris-based actor, theatre director and teacher. He has developed a training program to pass on Molik’s method of The Body Alphabet and has taught in Brazil, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Thailand.

So what exactly is ``The body Alphabet`` – and what is its purpose?

  • The Body alphabet is a series of defined physical actions, developed by Molik through years of research, observation and experimentation with his actors, drawing references from movement existing in nature and everyday life.
  • These physical actions involve engagement of the whole body, creating openness of the self, which then result in activated vocal impulses.
  • Working with elements of The Body Alphabet can be a personal exploration through improvisation. This process can trigger physical memory of one’s own story(ies)/journey. What then emerges is another resonance, an unexpected source of bodily vibration.
  • Through working with The Body alphabet, actors can explore ways to harmonise the breath and the movement to best serve the voice.
  • It is about keeping freshness and spontaneity to better serve text and/or song. The aim is to speak as one sings and to sing as one speaks, to find unity between the depth of exploration and the lightness of execution, to join the demand and the happiness of performing.

What can you expect from the workshop?

  • a) You will learn and rehearse The Body Alphabet well
  • b) You will explore your voice and be engaged in intensive vocal work, individually and collectively
  • c) You will have a chance to do individual work by experimenting through application of the principles learnt, working on a text and a song of your own choice

London Workshop
Date: TBC
Time: 10.00-14.00
Fee: 250 GBP Location: Eastbourne House Arts Bullards Place, London, E2 OPT
Bangkok Workshop
Date: TBC
Place: The College of Social Communication Innovation
Srinakharinwirot University 114 Sukhumvit 23, Wattana District, Bangkok 10110, THAILAND
Number of spaces per workshop: 16

Accepted participants are required to prepare a text and a song.

"Molik's voice and body work focuses on the release of creative energy and the search for the unity and connection between the body and the voice as the basis of an actor's process."

Giuliano Campo “Zygmunt Molik’s Voice and Body work: The Legacy of Jerzy Grotowski”

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